A U.S. Boxer Wore Border Wall Shorts In His Match Against A Mexican Opponent—And Got Absolutely Pummeled

Irony can be painful.

36-year-old Rod Salka took a beatdown vs. Mexican boxer Francisco Vargas after suiting up with a pair of ugly-looking border wall shorts — apparently mocking his opponent at an ESPN event in Indio, California.

At first, Salka looked confident in his red, white and blue brick-patterned shorts, but the fight quickly turned against him and Vargas unleashed several punishing blows.

Francisco Vargas knocked Salka out in the sixth round, making a powerful statement against anti-immigration rhetoric.

Life can be weirdly poetic at times, and seeing this xenophobe wall-builder get rocked by a Mexican boxer is beyond satisfying.

Vargas said the following to ESPN Deportes after knocking his opponent out:

“Once we were already in the ring, the wall was an extra ingredient (for my motivation to win), so when I had him head on, I gave it everything. Whatever it is I represent Mexico, and I feel that everything about that wall is against all my countrymen.”

People on social media reacted to the “#MAGA BEATDOWN.”

Salka got roasted for his tacky and insulting shorts.

Many in the boxing community clowned on Salka’s shorts.

But some peers distanced themselves from the controversial boxer after his stunt.

Others took the moment as a perfect metaphor for Trump’s presidency.

People can’t stop talking about the epic beatdown.

We’d like to thank Francisco Vargas for proving that poetic justice exists. 🇲🇽

And honestly, if you are looking to dress for your next boxing match, plenty of better options exist. You can even sport Apollo Creed’s patriotic shorts from his epic battle against Rocky Balboa without taking it to an offensive level.