Washington State GOP Senator’s Comment About How Nurses ‘Probably Play Cards’ At Work Has Nurses Sounding Off

Washington State Senator Maureen Walsh (R) just infuriated healthcare employees nationwide after making outrageous comments about nurses who “play cards” on their shift.

The Senator’s remarks came during a heated debate in the Washington State Senate over SHB 1155, a new law that would establish mandatory meal and rest breaks for nurses. Walsh argued for an amendment to the bill that would exclude smaller hospitals from the requirement, suggesting most nurses sit around idly at work playing games.

Nurses clapped back, schooling Walsh on the grueling realities of their job. 

Walsh ended up apologizing for her remarks, later claiming she was tired and said something she regretted. But the Senator reiterated her distaste for the proposed law. 

Opponents of SHB 1155 are skeptical of new regulations that might create staffing disruptions and limit the number of hours Washington nurses can work. 

Healthcare workers on social media slammed Walsh.

Apology or not, it definitely wasn’t a good idea to mess with nurses.

One thing’s for sure: nurses have zero time to play cards.

At least one doctor called for civility in response to Senator Walsh’s ignorant remarks.

But others spoke up about the harsh reality of working a nursing shift.

Many posted powerful pictures and shared stories of their actual job duties.

Regardless of the legal issue at hand, the jobs of hardworking nurses shouldn’t be trivialized.

After this brutal backlash, we’re betting Senator Walsh learned a lesson about insulting healthcare professionals.

Send a nurse some love today. Nursing is a profession that commands our respect and gratitude.