Bizarre ‘Relationship Goals’ Video Of Guy Summoning A Girl Like A Dog Has People LOLing And Groaning At The Same Time

We’re not out here trying to judge people’s relationships, but this 15 second video making the rounds on Twitter has people asking some questions about one young couple.

The video is a compilation of a few short snippets, each showing the same thing but in different situations. In each situation, the boyfriend holds out his hands and taps his fingers together in the kind of summoning motion you would make at a dog. The girlfriend responds by running over from wherever she is and whatever she is doing and plopping her face into his waiting hand.

She seems perfectly thrilled to be beckoned the way you’d call Fluffy the dog, with a big  smile every time. She’s clearly committed to it; at one point she hops over a mopping co-worker (who seems pretty annoyed about it) to get to him. At the beginning of the video, she ditches a conversation and rushes through a crowded party to his waiting hand.

One Twitter account posted the video as “relationship goals.” 


And people were quick to point out that no… no, the video is really NOT relationship goals. (You Spanish-speakers will get a kick out of a few of these comments.)



A few fine folks even gave the video a shot and shared their results. 




This guy didn’t even bother trying… he already knew. 


We want your thoughts on the video. The girl is clearly enjoying it, so that’s got to count for something, right? Oh, and shout-out to that mopping coworker who was just trying to do her job and get home while this couple decided to shoot vids instead of work. And then she had the audacity to jump over the area you were working!? Luckily she didn’t slip and fall; then you’d have had a whole second mess to deal with.

We’ve all been there. You’re the real unsung hero of this video.