Woman Begs Acquaintance To Take In Dog She’d Otherwise Have To Take To A Shelter Only To Then Demand A Ton Of Money For It

With cat and dog shelters perpetually overcrowded, any pet that can avoid being abandoned to a shelter is already in a better situation.

Reddit user u/DreamsAndChains likely knew this when she received a tearful message from an acquaintance begging her to adopt a 7-year-old dog. When DreamsAndChains reluctantly agreed, however, the acquaintance revealed her motives were far less than pure.

DreamsAndChains posted the entire conversation to the subreddit r/ChoosingBeggars, and it has to be read to be believed: 



After a fairly normal beginning to the conversation, the dog owner surprised DreamsAndChains by asking for $450 for the dog.



When DreamsAndChains understandably pushed back against paying $450 for a dog she wasn’t even looking for, the dog owner became strangely aggressive.



The dog owner didn’t quite seem to understand the context of the adoption, and even tried to guilt DreamsAndChains in a heartlessly shameless way:



Reddit user meowThingWong was sickened by the pet owner’s behavior:

“‘Pay me money or the dog will be gassed to death’. Sickening, that’s demanding ransom.”

clee_36 had a pretty good plan for how to deal with the owner:

“you should have cb’d her back and offered her 10 bucks and said its your other dogs birthdays and she is ruining it.”

mycousinisamethhead couldn’t believe what he was reading:

“Op this made me burst out my drink. ‘If you don’t take her she’s going to die in the shelter! BUT I nEeD yOu To PaY mE 450 or ShE wiLL dIe.’ What kind of sick person does this to someone who’s willing to adopt your animal and take care of it.”

Sorcatarius was determined to make sure the owner never got a dog again:

“Can you report this person to local shelters to ensure she’s refused another adoption in the future?”

cheapbitoffluff agreed.

“Wow. What an arsehole. This person should never be allowed another dog.”

GozerDestructor knew the owner was charging way too much for the dog:

“A new dog loses half its value the minute you drive it off the lot.”

xyz123sike pointed out just how strange the owner’s request was:

“She’s not a shelter with running costs associated with adoption fees. You don’t get “reimbursed” for the personal expenses of owning a pet lmfao.”

noblazinjusthazin couldn’t stand the owner’s heartlessness:

“I honestly have no words. ‘I’m taking a loss here.’ It’s an animal, not an investment.”

scottyb83 got right to the heart of the issue:

“What’s really sad is that she’s more worried about the money than the dog. She doesn’t want to give it to the shelter because then she gets nothing. She wants something for it. If the shelter would pay her $450 and tell her they would be putting the dog down she would gladly take it.”

PotsyWife had a similar encounter:

“I had the exact same situation with a cat. She needed him gone ASAP, and after she begged me to help her, I agreed to take him in. She then informed me that I needed to give her £250 for him. My husband was livid, and said she could go fuck herself, but then the friend texted me a video of her husband saying that if the cat wasn’t gone that night, he was gonna drown him in the bath.”

“In the end I gave her £80, though I didn’t confess that for a few years. Marley was the most gorgeous kitty in the world, and became best friends with my Westie since the day he came home. Needless to say, the friendship was very much over with his previous owner.”

jerowjet likes the way they do it in France better:

I fact, in France when you’re abandoning a pet (and not a shelter taking care of them and putting them up for adoption) you have to pay abandonment fees to the shelter. She’s treating her dog like an object she’s selling second hand and this is such an egoistical way to think.”

Hopefully, the 7-year-old pup is now far, far away from this owner who thought so little of it. 

Shelter dogs deserve respect and our affection.