Sportscaster Gets The Ultimate Revenge After Her Colleagues Bizarrely Walk Away From Her Mid-Interview

English sportscaster Kelly Cates just trolled a pair of co-anchors after they walked away from her mid-interview.

The bizarre moment was blamed on poor directing. Sky Sports commentators Jamie Carragher and Gary Neville were meant to split with Cates and interview a player in the tunnel, but the abrupt transition ended up painfully awkward. Instead of answering her question about Liverpool F.C’s prospects, they simply walked in the opposite direction.

Cates enjoyed the last laugh though, later turning her back on Carragher and Neville in a viral segment.

First, here’s the original clip that baffled the internet.

Cates later tweeted she asked the unanswered question to give her co-hosts something to converse about as they walked to the tunnel. But the segment’s wonky scene blocking made it look like Carragher and Neville totally ignored her.

The embarrassing mix-up caused mass confusion (and laughter) on British Twitter. 

But Cates and the Friday Night Football crew responded to the viral moment in epic fashion.

While preparing for the Manchester derby, Cates turned her back on Carragher and Neville.

People on social media loved the sassy act of television-presenter revenge.

One genius in the replies reckoned Kelly’s payback was staged.

But football Twitter probably got the most kicks out of Kelly’s revenge.

Most agree: both moments get funnier the more you watch.

There’s only one word to describe Kelly Cates’s surprising clapback: savage. 💯

After this experience, we seriously doubt Jamie Carragher or Gary Neville will turn their backs on her again.