Guy Who Sent Hate Email In All Caps Gets Epically Trolled, And His Response Is Bizarrely Considerate

In our modern, hyper-partisan political age, internet haters and trolls are a fact of life. If you’re expressing a strong political opinion, you’d better believe someone’s going to send their vehement disagreement your way.

Rarely, however, do you encounter someone who’s simultaneously intolerant of your political beliefs and surprisingly accepting of your made-up handicaps.

Twitter user Philip Bump recently found himself in just that situation and shared it online for all to see.

Bump even included picture proof of the encounter:

Twitter’s day was made by the exchange.

Some computer-conscious people weren’t that impressed…

…but at the end of the day, the joke wasn’t about the skill it takes to turn caps-lock off!

This was the proper way to respond to a troll.

Many people were pleasantly surprised to see the troll being so understanding of Philip’s imaginary disability.

Only the best haters know how to hate while still being accepting.

And, for what it’s worth, the version without caps-lock on was much easier to read.

Well done, Philip, thanks for sharing your story! We won’t soon forget it.