NFL Player Spoils A Huge ‘Endgame’ Plot Point On Twitter, And People Are PISSED

Hot tip: If you’re a football fan who logs into Twitter to see LeSean McCoy is trending and you’re interest is piqued, JUST KEEP IT MOVING.

It’s for the worst reason possible.

Yes really.

LeSean McCoy went on Twitter and SPOILED A MAAAAAAAAAJOR PLOT POINT IN Avengers: Endgame. 

But like… a major plot point.

Like a MAJOR one. We won’t post the tweets–WHICH STILL EXIST, ALL THREE OF ‘EM!—because, you know, you Marvel fans get very sensitive and also we’re not LITERAL ACTUAL MONSTERS.

Because obviously it’s not a law or whatever, but when it comes to internet spoilers, we all know there is one simple, immutable rule:

All of us who are not trolls agree by this social contract, much like how we don’t, say, yell “Fire!” in a crowded theater and all that.

But, of course, there are garbagepeople who walk amongst us, dressed as humans, but actually made of garbage, violating social contracts at every turn.

You know, the people who clip their toenails in Starbucks, or are rude to waitstaff, or the worst of the dumpster goblins: people who recline their airplane seats.

It seems LeSean McCoy might be one of these goblinpersons. Not only did he spoil the plot point, he hasn’t taken the tweets down yet!

Now if you just can’t help yourself, don’t worry: it’s a huge, sprawling movie that clocks in at over three hours so it’s not like LeSean’s gonna ruin the entire movie for you. That’d take an entire Twitter thread.

But the spoiler tweets even include an entire VIDEO of LeSean discussing the plot point with his kid!


I just!

Oh also?

If you’re one of these clever types who has all Avengers: Endgame keywords muted on Twitter as a safeguard, LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLJKJKJKJKJKJKJK!

And hoo boy, as you might guess the internet has melted down in RAGE about all this!

Some are so mad they’re calling for the NFL to take action!

(Which… really? But ok.)

….though some seem a little TOO pressed…

But for some no amount of rage was over the top!

Anyway, point being, if you’re an Avengers: Endgame fan, MUTE LESEAN MCCOY AT ONCE.

Or better yet, just stay off the whole-ass internet until youcan get to the theater.

Monsters are lurking everywhere!