Netflix’s New Show About Dominatrixes Has Sex Workers Crying Foul

Representation matters… but Netflix doesn’t always get it right.

Sex Workers and BDSM enthusiasts aren’t pleased with Bonding, a new Netflix original that appears to misrepresent relationships between “subs” and “doms.” Rolling Stone recently critiqued the show for “glossing over how doms and subs negotiate boundaries and consent.”

Critics are savaging Bonding for its reinforcement of “harmful stereotypes” and “sex-negativity.”

Others are saying the comedy trivializes some harsh realities of sex work. Series creator Rightor Doyle has insisted that Bonding aims to “explore” the world of sex work without “exploiting it,” but not everybody agrees.

Many in the BDSM community are distancing themselves from Bonding.

Some are convinced the show is written by “vanilla” people.

But plenty of people seem to like Bonding. Maybe it’s not so bad?

However, one guy discovered Twitter and Netflix promoting fictional sex worker accounts related to Bonding.

It struck many as deeply hypocritical of Twitter, especially considering how the platform stigmatizes sex work.

Others debated the complex relationship between social media and sex work. 

Either way, Bonding keeps getting spanked on Twitter. 

Is it really worth being mad over a Netflix show? …No. No, it is not.

But sex-workers, dominatrixes, and proponents of BDSM still have a point. It’s not right when corporations like Netflix claim to honor niche communities but instead exploit and misrepresent them.

Maybe next season, they should hire a few real dominatrixes to whip the writing staff into shape.