Scientists Predict That Humans Will Soon Resort To Maggot-Based Sausages—And We’re Now Officially Anti-Science

Would you eat a maggot meat hot dog?

If you’re asking the opinion of this humble blogger: Never ever ever ever.

But scientists disagree, with some suggesting insect meat could be vital to the survival of the human race. Researchers in Australia are showing off a brand-new “maggot sausage” designed to combat future food scarcity.

It sounds gross, but there’s a decent chance your grandchildren’s grandchildren will enjoy a maggot hot dog at the ballpark.

Here’s what the “maggot sausage” actually looks like, straight out of Australia. 

University of Queensland


According to researchers interviewed by The Washington Examiner, population increases are bound to lead to a scarcity of cheap protein food product, even in the western world.

Dr. Louwrens Hoffman of the University of Queensland says people must “open their minds, and stomachs, to a much broader notion of food.”

But not everyone’s on board with Dr. Hoffman’s bugged-out vision of the future. 

But remarkably, some people aren’t repulsed by the maggot sausage.

Regular sausage is pretty gross itself, but maggots seem worse.

Others are doubting insect-based proteins will catch on.

Future peoples might munch on maggots, but 2019 folk ain’t having it.