This Video Of A Guy Rolling Down A Hill In An Out-Of-Control Inner Tube Goes South Really Fast—But Wait For It…

Every now and then, a video comes along that’s pure brilliance: internet gold.

Today’s magic combination? An Australia daredevil who flirts within inches of death but LIVES for the epic win and earns countless internet points. The astounding viral video filmed by Brisbane man James Straker features his friend crawling into an inner tube, plummeting down a hill, almost getting run over, and finally launching into a pool of water.

It’s a miracle this guy survived — check out the death-defying video below. 😱

Why would an Australian man willingly roll down a hill and across a road? Nobody’s quite sure.

But the glorious moment nearly turned tragic as the outback daredevil bounced in front of a white vehicle — who somehow slammed on its breaks in time.

People on social media reacted to the unbelievable inner-tube stunt. 

Straker and his friends cheering at the end is a totally classic moment.

Some found it stressful to watch, though.

But surprisingly, others are insisting the video was fake or staged. 🤔

So… is the video fake? Let’s be honest, the amazing clip looks a little too perfect.

Another guy reckons it’s a covert Volkswagon ad for how well their cars brake.

Regardless of its legitimacy, people are still sharing the stunning video.

Honestly. I want this video to be real so bad.

But it’s probably not. Actually, let’s not put anything past Australia. Either way, someone deserves credit for pulling off an incredible stunt.