Laura Ingraham’s Tweet Calling Out Texans For Not Using English ‘Proficiently’ Turns Into A Hilarious Self-Own

Fox News host Laura Ingraham falls short with a lot of things. She’s not a responsible journalist, she seems incapable of showing any ounce of empathy towards marginalized people, and it turns out, she also can’t speak English.

Ingraham chastised public school students in Texas for their poor use of the English language. Of course, it was hard to take her seriously considering she embarrassingly butchered the language herself during her take down.

In a now deleted-tweet, the conservative talk show host wrote:

“Found out last night that right now one million public school students in Texas don’t speak English proficiently proficiently or at home.”

Thanks to screen grabs, Twitter came through and revealed the gaffe she unsuccessfully tried to wipe from existence.

Ingraham’s sidelined snub came back to haunt her:

The ultra-conservative nationalist is in good company.

She worships Donald Trump, who has no respectable grasp of the English language either, and her Fox colleagues are known for not having a way with words.

Although English is the most commonly spoken language in America, the United States does not have a national or official language at the federal level. To declare an official language would historically contradict our current linguistic diversity.

Of course, Ingraham doesn’t care about the fact that immigrants largely influenced the U.S. and historically had 500 languages spoken in the country, with the current top five being English, Spanish, Chinese, Tagalog, and Vietnamese.

While we’re on the subject, however, school was in session for the absent-minded racist.

Final final thoughts thoughts?

This is just rich.

Thanks Twitter, for proficiently ripping Laura Ingraham to shreds.