‘Queer Eye’ Fans Can’t Believe This Photo Of A 19-Year-Old Jonathan Van Ness Is Actually Him

Can you believe it?!

Television’s Queer Eye Jonathan Van Ness is iconic for a few things.

One is that he looks like gay Jesus, with his long hair and beard.


Another is his unabashed witticisms (some of which are captured in this book The Little Book of Sass: The Wit and Wisdom of Jonathan Van Ness), à la “Who gave US permission?!” and “Can you believe?!” 


So when he took to Twitter to share a photo of himself at 19, seemingly devoid of all of those things:


The internet couldn’t quite believe their eyes.

It really goes against everything we hold true and dear about Jonathan Van Ness.

While he was growing up in conservative Quincy, IL, it looks like he hadn’t yet embraced the gender-non-conforming look we’ve come to expect from him.

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…And probably why fans are so taken aback.

He was such a cutie at 19, too.

Ugh, JVN, stop being so perfect!

Hope this brightened up your day.