Entitled Bride Wants Florist To Do Her Expensive Wedding For Free For The ‘Exposure’—And The Florist Is Having None Of It

If you’re a person who works in any kind of creative field, you will at some point—probably at multiple points—be asked to work for that most lucrative of compensatory rewards: “exposure.”

Every now and then I run across a person who’s, like, an accountant or something (that’s the one with math or whatever, yes?) who is SHOCKED that this happens.

It happens. All. The. Time. And Mimi, a florist in Los Angeles, is blowing the whistle on one of these people, a woman who is a shoo-in for Bridezilla of the Century. The florist shared screenshots of their text conversations to Imgur and Reddit and… well, WOW.

It all started innocently enough: Bride texts Mimi all, “Hey what about something like these pretty things?”

Can you work for free? I don’t want to pay because I’ve already paid other people 10 grand for my wedding. (Full convo lol)

And Mimi is like, “Sure, $18 per foot!” because things cost money and that is how life works.

But Bride has a follow-up question, you see:

“Why so much?”

And then she gave details about how she needs 9 million of these flower garlands but only has money for zero, which is definitely a pickle!

To which I would’ve responded:

“Flowers are expensive af, are you new?”

But Mimi is nicer than me, so she said this:

She calmly explained that what Bride was asking for was a lot of flowers, and A LOT of labor (which, raise your hand if you had no idea making floral arrangements was so painstaking!) and as such would cost money because, to review, that is literally how everything in the world works, even at the Goodwill.

How do you think Bride responded to that?

The nonchalance of this is truly stunning!

We were hoping you could “just make them if you didn’t mind”???????

Bish whet?!


And then! AND THEN!

“I would be helping you if anything because that pricing is crazy… I feel like you could spare the time and help us out”

Image result for nene wig too tight gif


Like, listen to this Bride low-key try to shame this florist for ASKING TO BE PAID MONEY IN EXCHANGE FOR SERVICES.

I just!


Anyway, again, Mimi is a better person than all of us, cuz she was just like, “No thanks, but lmk if you want some recommendations for other florists!”



Say what?

“That’s not what I asked.”


“Let me know if you can help me or not.”





One word.

With a period.


Anyway, as you can see Mimi was like “LOLOL BITCH NO” in the politest way possible, to which the Bride responded with a THUMBS DOWN EMOJI like this is some kind of seventh grade negotiation over borrowing a top from Forever 21 (or whatever goes on in seventh grade; I’ve blocked it out) instead of asking for THREE THOUSAND TWO HUNDRED AND FORTY AMERICAN DOLLARS worth of floral work for free.

Oh, sorry—for “exposure.”

What is the matter with everyone!

And the internet was not about to give this bride an INCH. 

“People who think their “exposure” equates money are the worst types of people. It’s a real slap in the face.”


What’s the exposure to USD exchange rate because my landlord only accepts dollars?”

Brazilian Thunder Panda

Holy crap, who the hell asks a stranger to work two full-time weeks for free? People like this should fall of a cliff.”


“I’d have just printed pictures of flower emojis and said for no payment this is the best i can do”


“It’s just 80 hours of labor… Help a girl out! How the hell can you expect her to join in holy matrimony without GARLAND?? Heartless, @OP”


“Hi I’d like a Pinterest quality wedding that you pay for. Thanks.”




“They can stick that thumbs down up their dumb ass”


Especially since, it turns out, Mimi was giving her an INSANE deal!

“Hey OP, also a florist here!

“You charging $18/ft for that is INSANELY cheap! She doesn’t realize the amazing deal she’s getting! I’m in SFL and I’d easily ball park that at around double per foot!”


So the moral of the story is THINGS COST MONEY.

Thank you for coming to Mimi’s Ted Talk!