Dad’s Attempt At What He Thinks Is The Perfect Backflip Into His Pool Is An Epic Fail

There’s nothing better than a goofy Dad, right? The bad jokes, the weird jeans-and-sneaker combos, the goofy hijinks. Good ol’ Dads!

But perhaps nothing is better—or more Dad-like—than an epic Dad faceplant. (Or, in this case, backplant?) And a young woman from Lakewood, California, recently caught her dad in a doozy.

Taylor Monreal recently posted a video to Twitter of her dad Lionel, trying to show off for her mom. (“They’re divorced, but they’re best friends,” she told Buzzfeed News, which awwwwwww! Lionel!)

So he decided to do one of his signature, epic backflips into the pool, while fully clothed.

“For some reason he wanted to try and do it with all of his clothes on, including his shoes.”

Listen, Lionel is an innovator, okay? He does things his way! That’s why he’s the backflip champion of the world, right? Right?!

As he says in the video, “I should’ve been in the Olympics with this dive,” but um…

Welp! That’s not so much how it went down! More like a… reverse bellyflop? Champion of the World? If that’s a thing? Which it’s not?

But! What he definitely IS the Champion of the World for is Dadly Dadding, because this is the Dad-est thing that has ever happened. So the video—and Lionel!—are epic all the same!

Turns out Lionel has a history with this sort of thing, too! As she put it to Buzzfeed:

“This isn’t the first time he’s done this. It’s just the first time I recorded him doing it. He’s never successfully done a backflip ever.”

Li-o-NEL! Li-o-NEL! Li-o-NEL!

And the internet was so impressed by Lionel’s backflop prowess, he instantly went viral!

So how does Lionel feel about being the newest internet star?

“I told him, ‘I posted a video of you and it went viral,’ and he was like, ‘Heck yeah, people love my backflip,’ but he doesn’t really understand what that means.”

Oh Lionel!