Lindsay Lohan Went Off On Zendaya’s Cinderella Look At The Met Gala On Instagram–And It Wasn’t Fetch

Guys, Lindsay Lohan is being messy again. Pretend you’re surprised.

Her most recent shenanigans involve her throwing some shade at Zendaya. The two don’t have any real beef — or at least they didn’t up until now. As far as we know, the two don’t even talk. So how did Lindsay manage to get into things with her?

Zendaya was invited to the Met Gala once again this year.  (Lindsay was not invited, once again, this year.) Zendaya opted to go with a Cinderella-inspired look for her arrival. The gown was — of course — pale blue, poofy and magical.

For obvious reasons: 

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Zendaya’s Cinderella-inspired look brought the magic by lighting up on the carpet — a move that Lindsay Lohan, apparently, ain’t here for.

When a Disney-related Instagram account posted a picture of Zendaya’s gown, Lindsay Lohan inserted herself into the conversation by accusing Zendaya of copying a look worn by Claire Danes in 2016. But did she just point out that both dresses were poofy and lit up? Of course not.

She was rude about it, then tagged Claire Danes in on her messiness. 

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For reference – here is the 2016 look Lindsay was talking about: 

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If you’re thinking to yourself “those dresses don’t look that similar to me,” it’s because they literally don’t. Aside from both being big and both illuminating (in totally different ways), there really isn’t a similarity. Claire’s dress was a totally different color, different cut, and a gown.

Zendaya’s dress choice was obviously a full-on costume. She committed to the Cinderella look from the color, to the poofy sleeves, to the choker, headband and that bibbity-bobbity bag. She even left a glass slipper on the stairs! And this was one of three looks Zendaya served that night.

The dress (a nod to Zendaya’s days as a Disney star) made quite the impact when she arrived, thanks to a little magic from her “Fairy Godbrutha”: 


The shade continued with Lindsay putting up a totally nonsensical post with a picture of herself next to a picture of Ariel from The Little Mermaid. Her comment questioned when the Met Gala became a Marvel Moment.

Fans who follow Hollywood gossip will recall that Lindsay has been salty since Disney announced that it was considering a live-action Little Mermaid film. Lindsay thought she was a shoo-in for the lead role. We guess she forgot that she is in her 30’s and the character of Ariel is a young teenager?

Lindsay has also been all-but-blacklisted from major motion pictures for years, so there’s that.

There has been some buzz that Zendaya may be up for the role. We don’t know if it’s true or not (probably not) but that hasn’t stopped Lindsay from being snarky about it.

Either way, Lindsay absolutely won’t be playing Ariel and this post absolutely made no sense.


We don’t know why Lindsay felt the need to be a mean girl about this look (do we ever?), but Twitter is fully committed to calling her out for it — especially considering she wasn’t invited and has way more important things to be worrying about right now.


If all the kidnapping and child-snatching references are leaving you scratching your head, we’ll explain. People are talking about an incident in September 2018. Lindsay was in Moscow where she stumbled across a homeless family sleeping on the street.

Lindsay harassed the family for a while and eventually offered to get them a hotel room for the night. The family, obviously frightened by having a camera in their faces (Lindsay was live-streaming all of this) and by her aggressive advances, declined her offer.

Lohan responded by then asking the parents if she could just take the children with her to her hotel room. The family, again, declined.

That’s when she got mad — and things got really weird.

Lindsay put on a fake Middle Eastern accent, mocked the family, and grabbed one of the children in an attempt to take them away. The mother sprung into action, knocking Lindsay down.

And yeah — Lindsay just kept on streaming through all of it, embarrassing and incriminating herself for all the world to see. 

So, long story short, things are clearly not okay in Lindsay-land. Zendaya had herself a glorious moment on the carpet. Claire Danes is probably wishing Lindsay hadn’t tagged her. Twitter is handling all of the clap-back action for her, so we don’t expect Zendaya to actually respond.