Meghan McCain’s Husband Apologizes For Homophobic Twitter Rant Against Seth Meyers After Tense Interview

Is NBC late-night host Seth Meyers a cuck?

Meghan McCain’s husband certainly thinks so, but recently apologized for “rage tweeting” about Meyers. Ben Domenech took issue with the host’s interview with Meghan in which she was pressed on her comments about Rep. Ilhan Omar’s remarks on 9/11 and her supposed anti-Semitism.

But Domenech’s criticisms of Meyers went off the rails and got WAY too personal. 

Meyers seemed genuinely interested in engaging McCain about the fallout from Rep. Omar’s controversial remarks.

But she remained defiant, insisting that Rep. Omar’s criticisms of Israel are pushing the Democratic party towards the “extreme.” McCain has previously referred to the first-year Congresswoman as “scary.”

Here’s a sampling of Domenech’s now-deleted Twitter rant about Seth Meyers. 

Ben Domenech/Twitter


Ben Domenech/Twitter


People on social media pushed back against Domenech’s childish namecalling. 

The LGBT community didn’t take kindly to his remark about Seth “gargling Lorne Michaels’ balls.”

But a few conservative pundits backed him up.

Mostly everyone rejected Domenech’s lame apology, though.

After his rant went viral, Domenech got roasted to a crisp on Twitter.

9/11 and the Israeli/Palestine conflict are two of the most controversial topics on Planet Earth.

We’ve all got different views on these complex issues, and that’s okay! But using derogatory slurs or homophobic language to make a political point isn’t the right way to approach differences of opinion.