The Internet Savages Tomi Lahren After Her Bigoted And Racist Tweet Against Uber Drivers On Strike

Oh good!

Everyone’s favorite television idiot—sorry, conservative pundit, the one and only Tammy Laryngitis—sorry Tomahawk Lettucewrap, or is it Tanya Lasagna?

ARGH sorry sorry!

Ok, I got it this time: TOMI LAHREN, gosh it is SO HARD to get that name right for some reason!


The point is, Tomi Lahren is at it again, doing what she does best: being an entitled, ignorant, loudly wrong, bigoted as*hole for internet points.


Her latest area of expertise? The Uber and Lyft strike that took place this week in advance of Uber’s faceplant of an IPO.

Let’s take a look at her incisive commentary:

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Cool story, Tea Tree! Sorry, Tomi!

Nuanced and fact-based as ever!

In case you missed it and are confused by Tipsy’s stupidity, Uber and Lyft drivers stopped working worldwide on Wednesday, May 8, to protest the constant pay cuts and lack of benefits that drivers for both apps have been facing.

An analysis by the Economic Policy Institute recently found that on average, rideshare drivers make about $9/hour after expenses and the platforms’ cuts—which is less than the minimum wage in many states.


So Tomato Lasagna’s—sorry, Tomi Lahren’s, comments aren’t just mean. They’re, as usual, stupid.

Nobody is asking to be a millionaire.

They’re asking to at least make an amount of money commensurate with the enormous risk (ever been in a car accident?) and costs (have you seen gas prices?) drivers must take on to make it possible for Uber and Lyft’s corporate employees to become overnight IPO millionaires (though, LOL, maybe not for long.)

There is a lot of open ground between making a living wage and being a millionaire, but, you know, the last thing Tapatio Los Angeles—sorry, Tomi Lahren—and her ilk care about are facts.

And painting Uber and Lyft drivers as slovenly, stink-soaked pigs in pajamas? What the fuc* is wrong with this bloviating bobbleheaded bleach-blond bigot-bamboozling blow-up doll?

Are we in third grade, Tarantino Lobotomy‽ Ugh SORRY—Tomi Lahren‽

As you might guess, the internet was like…

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Anyway, Tampon Lidocaine—sorry, sorry, Tomi Lahren—can run her ignorant mouth all she wants: the strike worked anyway.

Your move, Teatowel Limpet!