Popular YouTuber Faces Backlash After Cruel Prank Brings Walmart Employee To Tears

YouTuber Lauren Love recently went undercover to pretend to fire Walmart employees — but her cruel prank totally backfired.

There’s a fine line between pranks and flat-out cruelty, and the internet is pushing back against Love’s fake firing of unsuspecting Walmart workers near Houston, Texas.

Instead of laughs and clicks, she’s now facing a brutal backlash on social media. The disgraced prankster actually made someone’s grandma cry after being “fired” during her shift!

Love entered a Texas Walmart pretending to be a high-level supervisor and confronted employees. 

Maria Leones, a Walmart employee of six years, works to support her husband who’s recovering from heart complications.

Her job at Walmart covers their health insurance, so you can imagine how frightening Love’s YouTube prank was to her.

The controversial video has since been deleted, but Love continues to take heat online.

Messing with someone’s head about their income isn’t cool.

But some shared real-life experiences with firing people —  and it’s not fun. 

Tons of pranks on strangers and employees at Walmart exist on social media.



Pranks can be the most addictive and hilarious videos on YouTube. But frightening innocent Walmart employees for views is beyond twisted. It’s not even funny.

Minimum wage workers on the clock shouldn’t be treated like mindless props for a comedy skit. They’re too busy working hard and grinding away to deal with some YouTube clown.

Lauren Love, you’re fired.