Trump Just Tried To Compare Pete Buttigieg To A ‘Mad’ Magazine Character, And It Backfired Big Time

President Donald Trump recently gave an interview to Politico where he spoke about some of the world’s more pressing issues as well as some of the frontrunning Democratic Presidential hopefuls.

When asked about South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg, the youngest politician running, President Trump mockingly said:

“Alfred E. Neuman cannot become president of the United States.”

When asked what he thought of President Trump’s nickname for him, Buttigieg brushed it off, saying the President should be focused on his trade war with China instead of insulting his competitors.

Of course, Buttigieg also couldn’t help but drop a bit of a burn himself…

Saying he had to Google who Neuman was, Buttigieg suggested it might be a “generational thing.”

Unfortunately, the burn hit both Trump and Mad Magazine, who Neuman is the mascot for.

They, of course, responded. 

To be fair, plenty of people of all ages likely recognize the “Mad Magazine guy” without ever knowing he has a name.

Especially after this was everywhere for a few years…

Paul Ryan (National Archives)


A multitude of memes were made with former Speaker of the House Paul Ryan’s visage and Neuman’s favorite saying:

“What, me worry?”

Regardless, Twitter was pretty certain Buttigieg got the upper hand in the viral encounter.

Reminding people of Mad Magazine should not be something Trump wants to do.

If no one understands your reference, it can’t be a great one.

Many Twitter users began to argue over whether or not Pete should have known who Alfred E. Neuman was.

If you’re looking for some nonsensical ramblings and half-baked thoughts, check out President Trump’s interview with Politico!

He’s got some big opinions and he’s gonna share them whether or not they’re good for the country.

And for Mad Magazine‘s take on Trump, their book MAD About Trump: A Brilliant Look at Our Brainless President is available here.