This Fox News Contributor’s Diss At Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Turned Into An Unintentional Self-Own

At some point, you kinda gotta respect Fox News for just really leaning into not having anything to do with news. It’s basically just ESPN except they bash Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez instead of sports!

Plus they’ve almost single-handedly dismantled our democracy AND turned all our dads into zombies whose souls will never know rest until they feast on the brains of AOC and like, that is a flex, FoxNews! Do you! (*bursts into tears*)

But every now and then someone goes on there and unwittingly turns their OBSESSION with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez into an unintentional self-own and, my goodness, how wonderful!

The latest chapter in FoxNews comes from some person named Dagen McDowell, which cannot be not a real name; that is a character in that weird comic book your cousin made in 9th grade that he definitely jerks off to. Still. But fine.

Anyway “Dagen McDowell” (🙄) recently employed the tried and true “Beauty fades, stupid’s forever” on AOC because she is a professional person who does words for a living and that was her best shot.

Good work “Dagen,” whose real name is probably just, like, Anne or something! AOC is rubber and you’re glue!

This came after she said something honestly even dumber about Ocasio-Cortez:

“She is a socialist from New York City, she photographs well, she speaks with her hands, but beyond that, does she matter?”

IDK “Dagen,” you are a fascist from below the Mason-Dixon who looks polished on-camera and uses a folksy Southern drawl to call grown women names; beyond that, do YOU matter?

Image result for ya burnt gif

I mean do these people THINK about the words they say before they say them? I mean obviously no or the entire enterprise wouldn’t exist but still—!

Meanwhile over on the old Twitter machine, people were like “LOL shut up sis.”

Keep up the good work, Fox News! AOC surely appreciates the free PR! Although she scarcely needs it; she can hold up her own.