Terry Bradshaw Offers Apology After His Racially-Offensive Comment About ‘The Masked Singer’ Judge Ken Jeong

Former quarterback and current loudmouth Terry Bradshaw just apologized for referring to Ken Jeong as “the little short guy from Japan”

Dude. Ken Jeong is Korean. 

Bradshaw’s offensive remark came during Fox’s upfronts presentation, where the NFL commentator cracked a few jokes about his time on NBC’s The Masked Singer. But his lame attempt at comedy rudely stereotyped Jeong. He’s since apologized, but the internet continues to pushback against Bradshaw’s racially-offensive comment.

Is Terry Bradshaw holding a nasty grudge because he was “kicked off” The Masked Singer by Jeong?

Here’s Bradshaw’s apology in full:

“I made an insensitive remark today about Ken, who I’ve known for some time,” Bradshaw said in a statement. “I’ve spoken to him about the importance of cultural respect and apologized for my offensive comments. I would like to also apologize to the Asian-American community for my insensitivity.”

We’re all familiar with this situation: old guy makes an awkwardly racist remark and everyone’s uncomfortable.

Times have changed, Terry! Making a dumb joke doesn’t necessarily mean he’s a racist, but it’s clear this type of demeaning race-based humor isn’t permissible.

Bradshaw’s also drawing criticism for misnaming Robin Thicke as ‘Alan Thicke.’

But some are defending the former Steeler and criticizing the reaction to his joke.

People are questioning Bradshaw’s employment status. 

Others aren’t surprised that Bradshaw said something outlandish…it’s kind of his job.

But this time, Terry’s getting booed off the field. 

Not everybody is convinced, though. 

Bradshaw says he knows Ken Jeong and reached out to him directly to apologize. But will that be enough?

Network upfront meetings are serious business. This kind of gaffe reflects poorly on Bradshaw, and even worse on Fox. We’re guessing he won’t be back to host next year.