Arkansas GOP Senator Suggests That Fetuses Have ‘Constitutional Rights’ That Shouldn’t Be Decided By The Supreme Court

Republican senator Tom Cotton has recently come out with some very, to say the least, interesting views on abortion.

The Arkansas GOP senator stated his thoughts on conception in a recent interview with Meet the Press. In the interview, he claims that life begins at conception, and that those little cells deserve constitutional rights.

Where do we begin?


In the May 19th interview with Meet the Press host Chuck Todd, Cotton criticized the so-called “unelected” judges of the Supreme Court for allowing the US to perform procedures such as abortion without “democratic debate.”

“Like a lot of folks here in Arkansas, I’m pro-life,” says Cotton in the interview. “And I think a basic responsibility of government in a civilized society is to protect innocent life.”

“What I’m most proud of here in Arkansas is that we have recognized that the frontiers of medical science are being pushed back.”

Rather than the decision being made on a federal scale via the Supreme Court, Cotton believes that abortion should be addressed on a state-by-state basis by their respective elected representatives.

According to Cotton, the existing laws on abortion were “wrongly decided as a constitutional matter” by the Supreme Court.

I personally believe that life does begin at conception, that’s the standard that most Republicans who have held the presidency in modern times have held as well. Now, we understand there are certain tragic cases like rape or incest or where a mother’s life is in danger that we ought to make an account for — that was the position that Ronald Reagan has as well.

Cotton claimed in his interview that “a vast majority of Americans” felt the same way as he and the other Arkansas senators did on the matter.

Social media clearly says otherwise.

Recent Pew Research data has shown that 58% of Americans feel abortion should be legal, invalidating Cotton’s claims. It is also very evident by the backlash that Cotton has received since his interview that, in the grand scheme of things, a good majority of Americans identify as pro-choice.

Yet another case of a man trying to control women’s reproductive rights and not knowing what he’s talking about. He clearly needs to enroll in Samantha Bee’s Sex Ed for Senators class right away.