Golf Star Gets Caught By TV Cameras Peeing On A Tree During PGA Championship

Despite the perception of it being a quiet, lazy, sauntering sport, golf can be a really intense game. The stakes are high, the strategy and skill increase with each stroke.

It can be a lot to handle.

At least, that’s the excuse I would use if I were caught peeing on a tree during the PGA Championship.

Jon Rahm, the 11th ranked golfer in the world, was caught doing just that on camera during the tournament.

As cameras focused on a shot from Dustin Johnson, Rahm can be seen in the background walking up to a tree and taking care of business.

While we understand that when you gotta go, you gotta go, couldn’t he have found a slightly better place?

Rahm has won three times on the PGA Tour, but after his urination debacle, shot a 5-over and ended up being cut this weekend.

Johnson, who was shooting during the scene, ended up in second place for the PGA overall, but will forever have his moment crystallized for him.

Who doesn’t enjoy a good pee joke?

To the casual weekend player, this act was probably very familiar; however, it’s not usually caught on camera happening to the pros.

But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. Last year, on the European Tour, Padraig Harrington was nearly caught doing the same thing.

Right after his 11th hole shot, he tried to find a private tree to take care of his business. As soon as he realized the cameras were still on him, he waved for them to go away.

He may not have been caught like Rahm, but let’s be honest, that takes a masterful level of unawareness.