College Grad’s Celebratory Backflip Becomes A Hilarious Viral Fail For The Ages

Guys, have you ever had a moment where things were perfect and you absolutely shot yourself in the foot and ruined it? Have you ever forgotten to check yourself and therefore totally wrecked yourself? Ever realize you were your own weapon causing you not to prosper? Have you finally unmasked the Scooby-Doo villain wreaking havoc in your life and realized — plot twist — it you all along? 

We’ve all been there. It’s okay to admit it. That kind of self-own fail has even happened to our favorite cartoon characters:


Thankfully, when these moments happen, it’s almost never caught on video and it typically doesn’t happen in front of literally thousands of people. Unless you’re this guy, whose epic backflip fail happened in an auditorium full of people, was caught on camera, and is now making the rounds through Twitter.

So let’s set the proverbial stage for you before showing you the video that happened on an actual stage, shall we?

The fail happened at a college graduation ceremony. The venue is pretty full, with each graduate inviting several few family members to watch them graduate. Cameras everywhere are flashing as people walk across the stage to collect their degrees, shake hands (or fist bump) with administrators, and walk off.

That’s it. That’s all they had to do. Just walk, shake hands, keep walking. For some people, though, that’s just not enough.

Enter Backflip Fail Guy (yup, we’re running with that). We don’t know if extra-ness is genetic or what, but some of us just need to do a little bit more than required. With great extra-ness power comes great extra-ness responsibility, though — and we don’t think Backflip Fail Guy has learned that lesson just yet.

Or maybe we are all getting to witness the exact moment he learns it?

Anyway, the other students are just walking along all boring after their names are called. Backflip Fail Guy decides to jazz it up. You can tell it’s going to be good because he does a little wave to the crowd as soon as he steps on stage. We love his energy, super hype, we’re here for it.

He walks forward, right behind the person in front of him, exactly as he’s supposed to. But then the gap gets a bit wider. It seems he’s holding back … but why? Folks, we’re about to find out.

The funniest thing about all of this (for us, anyway) is that it’s background action. At no point is Backflip Fail Guy the subject of the video.

Trust us, you’re going to want the volume up for this one because the thunk followed by the crowd’s reaction is everything

Folks… we have never before seen life more beautifully captured in a microcosm of fail. He was all good. He was in the home stretch. All he had to do was walk — but nooooo. He tried to flip, landed on his head, and now he’s a viral video.

Twitter can’t get enough. 


Listen, life is going to throw fail after fail at you whether you like it or not. You really don’t have to do it to yourself. Let this be a life lesson from Backflip Fail Guy.