Jake Paul Tried To Slam A Fellow YouTuber For Being A ‘Cyberbully’, And It Blew Up Right In His Face

To paraphrase Jane Austen, it is a truth universally acknowledged that the Paul brothers, Logan and Jake, are huge internet trolls and career jerks.

Jake Paul, the younger brother, who has “built a career out of peddling merch to children and being loud on the internet” decided he’d had enough and took a “stand” against fellow YouTuber Cody Ko, who has built a career on reacting to cringe-y content online.


And the internet is so over Paul that the jokes came rolling in. 

Paul’s “takedown” of Ko consisted of him whining that “[Ko] just sh*ts on people to become famous,” which is basically the reason Paul created this whole gimmick:

“I’m not YouTube’s hero, I’m not here to save the day … this guy Cody Ko, he’s a cyberbully and I f*cking hate cyberbullies.”

Meanwhile, Jake Paul was an actual real life bully in high school.

Here are some receipts of Jake Paul being an actual real life bully:

But hey, being a huge hypocrite is just a part of being a Paul sibling, isn’t it?

“This guy is 28 years old, sitting behind a computer making fun of kids younger than him,” Paul complained about Ko. “And he’s comedic, yes … he’s definitely crossing the line in a huge way.”

“Kids? You’re an adult. Which kids?” Ko asked in response.

Still, Ko apologized:

“I’m sorry for bullying you.”

“I can’t tell if he’s joking.” 

Jake Paul TRIED it. But what a mess.

And Ko openly made fun of him.

And we shall all continue to make fun of him.