An Old Trump Tweet Criticizing Obama About Pearl Harbor Just Got Especially Awkward

Why does there seem to be a tweet for literally everything to do with President Trump?

Back during what might be the most toxic Presidential campaign in American history, Trump offered this weird attack on Obama who was visiting Japan at the time:


Welcome to Memorial Day Weekend 2019, three years into Trump’s presidency, where he finds himself in Japan.

Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor during World War II was perpetrated over 78 years ago (75 years at the time of the first tweet). However, after the war (and the U.S. retaliation in the form of the atomic bomb over Hiroshima and Nagasaki), Japanese/American relations have only been strengthening, especially with regard to China.

Trump’s favorite issue is the strength of China.

So it makes sense that American presidents, including both Obama and Trump, continue to visit Japan,  and that neither party would take aim at a 78-year-old conflict.

However, this weird double standard is pretty typical of the Trump administration.

The “failure to mention” the attack on Pearl Harbor should be causing these people to revolt, no?

Side note, it’s actually hard to tell which of these accounts are satire.

But here we are, and once again Trump is proving himself a hypocrite. Remember how he claimed be too busy to play any golf while in office?


There is indeed a Trump tweet for everything.