Guy Becomes Instant Internet Villain After Snagging Foul Ball Away From A Kid—But The Kid Has The Last Laugh

Some adults never quite grow out of their selfish child phase.

At the Big Ten baseball tournament in Omaha this past Sunday, during a game between University of Minnesota and Ohio State, a Minnesota player popped a foul ball into the stands. Two people ran for it: a young Ohio State fan and a much older Iowa State fan, which, notably, wasn’t even playing that game.

The adult Iowa State fan managed to grab the ball right out from under the child and celebrated all the way back to his seat! (Watch to the end):

As the game’s announcers predicted, Twitter immediately piled onto the adult fan for failing to give the ball to the young fan.

This Iowa fan did not do a good job representing his alma mater this day.

If you want to make the internet hate you, be mean to a child.


Fortunately, the young Ohio State fan got the last laugh. After hearing about his situation, the whole Ohio State team signed a new ball and made sure it got into his hands.

Though that doesn’t excuse the older Iowa fan’s behavior!

The whole incident caused many people online to think back to other foul ball incidents, some heartwarming, others embarrassing.

The true test of a person’s character is whether or not they’ll give away their foul ball.

There’s nothing quite like baseball, the only sport where literally anyone might catch the next pop fly!

And take a lesson from that announcer: if you do catch a foul and there’s a kid nearby, don’t be a jerk. Give them the ball and the special memory that goes with it. There are rules in baseball, and some should not need to be written.