This Woman’s Cringeworthy Ceremonial First Pitch Might Be The Worst We’ve Ever Seen

Listen, we all bring skills to the table. All of us have talents and areas of expertise, and we can’t be good at everything, okay?!

But this is… well, this is a full YIKES.

You know the tradition of the ceremonial first pitch, right? So a lady who works for the Chicago White Sox got to do the honor at last night’s game against the Kansas City Royals.

It starts out as you’d expect. She looks so excited! She winds up! She throws! And then… oh… oh dear…

That’s… something!

Image result for there was an attempt gif

What’s remarkable is that, as Deadspin pointed out, the catcher’s face seems to betray that he has a baaad feeling about this pitch. So let this be a lesson to all of us: if you see something, say something!

Anyway, if you’re wondering, the photographer, Darren Georgia, got out unscathed.

AND—this is actually pretty incredible—he still got the shot despite having a baseball hurled directly at his camera by some rando! Give him an award!

Speaking to NBC Sports Chicago, Georgia said he was pretty surprised by his moment of viral fame:

“I never knew that this was going to be my 15 minutes of fame. Actually, Ron Vesely, the team photographer, said that out of the 35 years he’s done this, he’s never had that happen, so glad I could be the first.”

And the internet definitely had lots of fun at the lady’s—and Darren’s—expense!


But while the pitch may have been a disaster, but the woman’s daughter was nothing but proud! 


But the real winner here? Fifty Cent.

If you’re an avid sports fan, you may remember that Fifty Cent threw out the indisputable worst first pitch in baseball history…

Well, until yesterday, that is! And the internet had quite a bit of fun with Fitty being let off the hook—just one day past the anniversary of his disaster!

Take heart, Lady Who Works at the White Sox (and also Fitty). Might be best to focus on one of your other talents!