American Televangelist Totally Loses It After Reporter Asks About His Luxury Lifestyle

American Televangelist Kenneth Copeland, best known for his work perpetuating anti-vaxxers and tax evasion, became visibly uncomfortable on an episode of Inside Edition when Lisa Guerrero asked him questions about how he spends donations made by his congregations.

Copeland, who literally bought Tyler Perry’s private jet for $3 million, said that his line of work costs a lot of money, but failed to answer if any of that money went toward his own personal material gain.

While Copeland was visibly fumbling around for answers (and also making unwelcome comments about Guerrero’s eyes), Guerrero continued her line of questioning.

“Do you really believe that human beings are demons?” she asked, referring to his continuing controversial statements on the autonomy of human begins.

He wags his finger at her and yells:

No, I do not and don’t you ever say I did.


Guerrero continues to question Copeland on his lavish lifestyle, which includes “driving around in limos, expensive suits and big homes,” and Copeland gets increasingly more agitated.

After a number of offensive statements about Jewish people, Guerrero then remarks both of her grandfathers were preachers who were ashamed of men of the clergy that used other peoples’ money to fund their lives.

Then Copeland came out with:

It’s your grandfather’s… that we’re standing on their shoulders.

They held up and they stood for its glory to God but when you go back to the Bible it’s full of wealth, miracles, signs, wonders and goodness and it’s full of meanness it’s just full of hell on Earth.

Those are the demons not the people. I love the people.

Guerrero joins a trend of women like Gayle King who remain totally calm and professional while men are almost literally yelling in their faces.

People praised her for her professionalism.

Guerrero’s line of questioning points out a big disparity in Copeland’s values and his actions.

The 82-year-old preacher is worth about $750 million.  But yet preaches spiritual wealth over material gain and that money is the root of all evil.

But with the current poverty rate in the USA rising over 12%, people want answers about where the money they donate to the clergy is going.