74-Year-Old Woman Is Airlifted After A Hiking Injury—And The Helicopter Literally Takes Her For A Spin

A 74-year-old woman was injured while hiking on Piestewa Peak in Phoenix, Arizona, and emergency services had to be called to airlift her to an area trauma center.

However, the airlift process went a little awry when a cable that was supposed to prevent the woman’s stretcher from spinning disengaged and the woman was literally sent for a spin.

Take a look:

Phoenix Fire on today's mountain rescue

CHAOTIC MOUNTAIN RESCUE: Phoenix Fire is answering questions as to why a 74-year-old woman's stretcher was wildly spinning in the air during a mountain rescue at Piestewa Peak.MORE: bit.ly/2WlfHIg

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Authorities did say in a press conference that thankfully the woman only suffered mild adverse affects from the spinning, such as dizziness and nausea.

People are really getting creative on Twitter with overlaying sound onto the video of the woman spinning.


Others had different reactions.

Others were saying that this botched “rescue” was not exactly acceptable.

The spinning was so fast that it’s almost incredible to watch.

And it’s hard to imagine how the woman must have been feeling to be spinning so fast in midair.

While no information has become available on the woman’s condition in regards to the injury, it still stands that officials say the woman suffered no “ill effects” due to the spinning.

We will continue to get motion sickness on her behalf.