Even Piers Morgan Called Trump Out For His Transgender Military Ban—And Trump’s Responses Were Complete Nonsense

During President Trump’s visit to the United Kingdom, he gave his only interview to longtime friend and conservative television personality Piers Morgan which aired Wednesday on Good Morning Britain.

It seems even Morgan—normally an ardent supporter of President Trump—had questions about Trump’s tweet of support for LGBT people  given his widely criticized ban of transgender people from the military.

When asked about the issue, Trump shot out incomplete thoughts (which most Americans are pretty familiar with by this point), before claiming the issue with transgender military members was drug related.

“…they take massive amounts of drugs, they have to, and also, you’re not allowed to take drugs, you’re in the military, you’re not allowed to take any drugs…”

At this point, Morgan pointed out that the amount of money spent on transgender service members’ medicines was very little—the military spends more money on Viagra.

Trump responded by, of course, doubling down on his false idea.

This exchange has to be read to be believed:


Many people were shocked to find that in an interview with President Trump, even Piers Morgan can come across as the reasonable one!

Morgan pointed out the apparent hypocrisy of Trump banning transgender people from the military when he had tweeted his support for the LGBTQ community only a week ago.

Trump’s responses boggled the minds of many online.

It didn’t sound like the President came to the interview with his facts prepared…

People provided some fact checking for the President.

Even in what was expected to be a softball interview, Trump stumbled.

Through the course of the interview, Trump lied, obscured the truth and struggled at times to form a coherent idea about well-trod aspects of his Presidency.

President Trump began a three day state visit to the United Kingdom on Monday. From there he traveled to a 75th anniversary of D-Day event.

One wonders how many LGBT+ service members gave their lives in that campaign.