Some Taylor Swift Fans Just Noticed An Awkward Typo On Their Merchandise—And They’re Not Happy About It

Okay, dear readers, get out your notebooks and pencils, because today we have a cautionary lesson about DOING AT LEAST THE ABSOLUTE LEAST on any project before sending it out into the world.

Our lesson comes via current queen of the world—wait no that’s Beyoncé… Princess? Princess of the world? Lady-in-waiting to the world?

Whatever, it comes to us via Taylor Swift, who, being towards the top of the pop pyramid really ought to know better.

Some TayTay merch was recently discovered to have a sincerely dumb, bush-league, remedial-not-even-101-level typo, and fans are like “srsly?”



I mean, I don’t want to be uncharitable here, and it could CERTAINLY be worse–she could’ve used “your” instead of “you’re”–but COME ON! You’re TAYLOR SWIFT!

You’re literally the star of THIS gif!

Image result for taylor swift spelling is fun

Can you imagine someone in Beyoncé’s camp even daring to bring a ROUGH DRAFT with an error of ANY kind?!

Image result for beyonce angry gif


Or Gaga?!

Image result for gaga angry gif

Or any of the O.G. queens, like Madonna! 

Image result for madonna angry gif

Imagine trying this shi* on Cher! Actually Cher would just probably tweet something delightfully bonkers about it and keep it pushing… 

But still! The mind reels! The offending grammarian would be disappeared from the Earth, figuratively at least if not literally.

Anyway. After the typo hit Twitter, fans starting running to their closets to check their merch for the typo…

And, sure enough, the plot thickened:

So different versions have different copy‽

What is going on in the TayTay Merch Workshop‽

Image result for unprofessional gif

And once the story took off on Twitter, people were pretty much like “WTF‽”


Well, aside from those who, bless their hearts, couldn’t even figure out what the fuss was about.

And those who thought this was all a bit much…

And those who were actually disappointed that their merch was correct… for some reason…

Anyway, let this be a lesson, everyone: SPELL CHECK EXISTS.

Write that down and carry it with you wherever you go.