That Horrifying Sorority Recruitment Video Just Went Viral All Over Again, And It’s Twitter’s Latest Meme Obsession

The most horrifying sorority video in the entire world, which first went viral in 2016, has gone viral again.

There are so many scary moments.

The ingenuine introductions.  The scary, soulless smiles.

In case you need a refresher, here it is:

The opening of the doors and the sea of fake smiles and hands.

The hands, Barbara, THE HANDS.


But, as all bad things must, it produced some killer memes.


After all, how could you watch this and not feel like you need to meme it in order to explain the harsh reality that it is?

Still, the ingenuity of the internet is stunning.



The sorority life is not for everyone.  

And clearly, as we can see from this terrifying video—this sorority’s life is for exactly nobody.