People Are Hilariously Photoshopping Ivanka Trump Into All Sorts Of Places Where She Isn’t Wanted

Did you happen to see Ivanka Trump’s latest facepalm of an attempt at political posturing?

In case you missed it, Ivanka, for reasons nobody understands, was at the G20 summit in Japan where she inserted herself into a conversation between Theresa May, International Monetary Fund director Christine Lagarde, French President Emmanuel Macron and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

It went… not well, mainly because she has zero qualifications to discuss anything with world leaders at a G20 summit.

IMF Director Lagarde’s reaction—which basically stops juuust short of flat-out saying “You don’t even go here“—is particularly telling.

Also, it’s worth noting that the French government released this video despite it having no other substance besides Ivanka embarrassing herself.

Anyway, as tends to happen, this embarrassing moment spawned a meme!

Crooked Media’s Erin Ryan put out a call for photoshops of Ivanka inserting herself into various historical moments…

And bow howdy did the internet deliver! Suddenly, Ivanka was popping up in allllll kinds of places where she was not needed, not welcome and not even close to her own level.

And #UnwantedIvanka was born!

Here she is making a nuisance of herself at Yalta:

And getting in the way at Omaha Beach:

And trying to front like she knows anything about astronomy on the moon:

And perhaps most egregiously, insinuating herself into The Golden Girls‘ happy home:

Someone needs to write this episode, because just imagine the insults Dorothy would lob and the Southern belle glares Blanche would give and the withering monologue Sophia would eventually deliver to a rousing round of applause. Rose, of course would just offer her cheesecake because she wouldn’t know who Ivanka was.

Anyway, Ryan explained her reasoning for starting the memes—and for why the hashtag took off like a shot—thusly:

Yep, sounds about right!

And the memes just kept coming and coming and coming!

And soon Ivanka was insinuating herself into the most unexpected of places!


It quickly got out of hand!

Thankfully, though, we have soccer star Megan Rapinoe to get Ivanka out of the way…


*blows vuvuzela in Ivanka’s face*

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