Video Catches Man Driving Van Filled With $140 Million Worth Of Meth Crashing Into A Police Car—And It Doesn’t End Well For Him

How much meth would a meth van crash if a meth van could crash meth?

Well, an Australian drug runner might have the answer to that—around $140 million AUD ($98 million USD) worth of meth.

A video captured a 28 year old man sideswiping a police vehicle in Sydney, Australia with his giant white van, before speeding off.

After a short pursuit, New South Wales police caught the 28-year-old driver in Eastwood, a suburb of Sydney.

They unearthed 273kg of meth in his van.

That is over 600 lbs of crystal meth.

The driver of the car has yet to be identified to public sources, but NSW police are saying that “this would be one of the easiest drug busts” they’ve ever made.

“Crashing into a police vehicle with that amount of drugs on board is somewhat unheard of—it’s an exceptional set of circumstances,” said detective chief inspector Glyn Baker.

“This fellow … has certainly had a very, very bad day.”

The driver has been arraigned and charged with large commercial drug supply, negligent driving and the Australian equivalent of obstruction of justice (not giving particulars to police).

He is also being remanded to a correctional facility in New South Wales while police conduct a forensic investigation.

This is a good lesson to all to not drive erratically while transporting several million dollars worth of illegal drugs.

Or something like that.

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