Kid Rock Called Out After Trying To Criticize Taylor Swift For Wanting ‘To Be A Democrat’ To Be In Movies

On Friday, August 9, seemingly out of nowhere, musician Kid Rock decided to go on Twitter and attempt to drag pop sensation Taylor Swift for…being a Democrat?

In his strange, slightly nonsensical tweet, Rock seemed to insinuate Swift was less than sincere in her political ideology because she wants to star in movies.

If Rock thought Swift fans were going to let his attack pass without incident, he was sorely mistaken.

Even people who weren’t fans of Taylor Swift found themselves on her side.

Kid Rock might have been trying to make a big point, but it looks like it fell on deaf ears.

Many people couldn’t help but point out that Kid Rock has a bit of a history in Hollywood himself.

Many people thought Kid Rock’s tweet was a prime example of misogyny. 


Swift herself was pretty quick to shake off Rock’s diss.

If you’re a die-hard Taylor Swift stan, there will always be another hater to put in his place.

If you want your insult to be taken seriously, a good first step is to NOT be Kid Rock.

The slam was so bad even conservatives couldn’t get behind it.

Sorry, Kid Rock, it seems Taylor Swift has won the day once again.

Taylor Swift’s latest album, Lover, is available for pre-order here.