Anti-Vaxxer Mom Asks For Prayers After Her Husband Secretly Vaccinates Their Daughter

There are sadly still many people in the world who believe the false conspiracy theories which claim vaccines are harmful to every child.

On Twitter, one such woman named Lisa Bedrick posted a distraught status about how her husband went against her wishes and did the unthinkable:

he got their children vaccinated!

Twitter had some important lessons for Lisa.

Without fail, every single person online sided with Lisa’s husband.

The great irony is that Lisa’s children are much better off thanks to her husband’s betrayal.

Anti-vaxxers believe in a conspiracy theory with absolutely no basis in fact.

Hopefully, Lisa will learn her lesson and turn over a new leaf.

Sadly, however, it seems being anti-vax isn’t Lisa’s only flaw.

At the end of the day, spreading anti-vax ideas is nothing but dangerous.

If medically able, every responsible parent should have their children vaccinated…even if one of them doesn’t think so!

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