Woman Says Her Boyfriend Broke Up With Her Because She Was Too Good At Sex

Relationships fall apart for many reasons, but being good at sex is not a common one. But unfortunately for Reddit user idkwhattodo46, her amazing abilities were simply too much for her partner to handle.

Her story, entitled “My (19F) boyfriend (20M) broke up with me because I’m too good at sex” quickly went viral on Reddit:

“We’ve been dating for a year and he’s a year older than me and we met in college. We took things slow bc we’re both virgins and it’s special to both of us so we agreed we’d wait until we’re really in love and sure about each other.”

“And after a year, we could see ourselves married in the future so we decided to have sex.”

Unfortunately, things started going downhill once they took their relationship to the next level.

“Even after our first time, he asked me if I really was a virgin or if I lied because I was too good. No I didn’t lie. I just watched some educational videos and practiced on my own.”

“Since then, he’d get weird during sex. Like if I did something good, he’d say it felt good and then his face would change like he was thinking.”

“Now I know he was questioning if I really was a virgin.”

Before she knew it, the relationship was over!

“Anyway. He broke up with me yesterday after we had sex. TMI I was riding him and he said I act like a porn star and he’s obviously not the only guy I’ve been with and he thinks I lied to him.”

idkwhattodo46 tried to explain herself, but it didn’t help.

“I told him I watched a ton of porn and copy from the videos but he doesn’t believe me.”

“Great. Never thought I’d be dumped for being too good at sex. It just really sucks bc we had sex bc we thought we’d be long term and we broke up already.”

“I want him back. I know he’s just being paranoid. How do I tell him that I wasn’t lying?”

sophersthedog had the most obvious reaction: disbelief.

“Imagine breaking up with your girlfriend because she’s too good at sex.. the f***?”

PolishTexxan won’t be forgetting the post any time soon:

“I straight up died when I read the title. The remnants of my soul are typing this”

zoupzip knew this man would have regretted his decision for the rest of his life:

“The best part about this is knowing he’s going to look back on this in his 30’s and have to live with the fact that he was being such a dumb a$$.”

freeeeels made an important distinction: 

“He didn’t break up with her because ‘she’s too good at sex’, he broke up with her because he thinks she lied about being a virgin. The fact that he drew that conclusion because she’s too good at sex is the WTF here.”

Falco98 pointed out that even if idkwhattodo46’s virginity shouldn’t make a difference either way.

“And: Imagine breaking up with someone because they weren’t a virgin before you (never mind the fact that in this case it’s just a vague suspicion). Of all the things I never cared about, I never cared about this one maybe the most.”

Toroic thinks OP should consider maybe dating someone else:

“This might be one of the dumbest possible reasons to break up with someone.”

“I don’t recommend you date anyone that dumb.”

SarcasticGamer wondered how things would have played out with the boyfriend’s crew:

“Could you imagine being his friend and asking why they broke up?

Him: Dude, she was f***ing amazing in bed and did things like a porn star!

Friend: Um…..so what’s the problem?

Him: Dude, you don’t understand! Like, she was totally amazing and just knew so much! She has to be lying about being a virgin!

Friend: ……and?

Him: That’s it. She’s bomb at sex and knew how to ride a d*** so it means she had sex before me!

Friend: …….”

archiminos has had the exact opposite problem:

“I mean Ive literally done the exact opposite of this. Stayed in relationships I shouldnt have because the sex was too good”

Slow_Menu summed things up pretty well.

“Even if she had had sex before him why would it matter anyways? We are in year 2019 not 1500.”

Fortunately, she ended on a happier note, at least in her opinion.

“Okay quick update: he texted me and said sorry so we’re back together :)”

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