Brie Larson Just Posted A Picture Of Herself Holding Thor’s Hammer–And Some Fans Aren’t Happy

Uh oh… Men on the internet are triggered again.

Is it because our country is going to start detaining children indefinitely‽

Because the Amazon is literally burning down forever‽

Oh, no. Nothing like that.

Don’t be silly.

It’s because *checks notes* a lady took a picture with Thor’s hammer, Mjölnir.

So as you may know if you’re a Marvel devotee, legend has it that Thor’s hammer Mjölnir can only be handled by people the magical hammer deems worthy of its power.

So the star of one of Marvel’s most successful films ever, Captain Marvel herself Brie Larson, recently posted this cute, fun Instagram:


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Not to be whatever, but….told you I could lift it 😇

A post shared by Brie (@brielarson) on

Lol “Not to be whatever,” haha, love Brie, so fun right‽



Absolutely not!

Because the menfolk got deep, deep in their feelings and honey they are ~*triggerrrrrred*~ Brie’s comments immediately filled up with outraged dudes.

So many of them that people began taking to Twitter to post screenshots like these and… wow, men, you GOTTA get a grip.


For example:

What’s perhaps most offensive about these is they’re just dumb. Like, this is as good as you’ve got, manbabies?

“Thor is stronger.”

Okay… nobody… argued… otherwise? But… thanks?

neil patrick harris whatever GIF by bubly

“It’s funny because she can’t.”

Oh okay, @atrociuos, sick burn!

Also your handle is misspelled.

I mean, who even are these dudes‽

Here’s a bunch who tried a different tack, by exhaustively explaining why Brie is factually incorrect.

Over a joke post on Instagram!!!

Imagine—just IMAGINE—being this bored and sensitive.

Just imagine!

It boggles the mind. Why go through all this time and effort when you could far more easily just shut up‽

The upshot was that Natalie Portman joined in on trolling the triggered baby boys.

In case you missed it, Portman was the subject of similar male outrage when it was announced she’ll be playing Thor in the upcoming Thor: Love and Thunder.



And soon the voices having a good laugh at the men’s expense and cheering on Brie all but drowned out the crying.

So there’s just no other way to slice it, the score is Brie Larson and Women of the Internet: Infitygajillion; Aggressively Dumb Crybaby Manboys:

nothing GIF

Guess we can all look forward to a rematch when Brie stars in Captain Marvel 2.

Until then you can get Captain Marvel (part 1) here.

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