Donald Trump Jr. Is Getting Mocked For Speaking At Poorly-Attended Rally In Kentucky

Don Jr. and his father President Trump LOVE to brag about how big their crowds are out on the campaign trail.

It seems doubtful we’re going to see a tweet about the gigantic group that showed up for Don Jr.’s recent event with Governor Matt Bevin of Kentucky, however.

The tiny group of people was even more embarrassing on video. 

Those present report about 200 people—including security and support personnel—attended the rally at the Appalachian Wireless Arena, which can hold roughly 7,000 people at full capacity. 

This rally takes place only a few weeks after Don Jr. mocked Democratic Presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke for the “low” attendance at a rally in Texas.

Embarrassingly, only about 7,000 came out to see Beto, or 6,800 more than Donald Jr. drew.

Twitter didn’t hold back on Donald Jr. for his tiny little crowd.

Even Tim Ryan makes Don Jr. look bad.

No need to be embarrassed, Don, rallies like this run in the family.

The crowd was electric!

All 24 of them!

If he wants to get the word out, Don will just have to spew his hate on Twitter like everyone else.

Sorry, Don, maybe more people will come to watch you talk next time.

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