Burger King Claps Back After Troll Tries To Shame Them For Hiring Deaf Person

A customer, who goes by “Lucas @chillisauceabc” on Twitter, snapped a photo of a poster detailing a new accommodation deployed at Burger Kings in Indonesia.

The poster announces using picture menus. Such things would accommodate non-verbal, verbally impaired and hearing impaired customers and employees.

Surely the customer wished to applaud this move by the fast food giant, right?

Sorry, but no.

Lucas took to social media to lodge his complaint:


The caption reads:

“Should I respect burger king to do this or should I said is this a marketing strategic shi* to get our empathy?”


The picture menu doesn’t affect Lucas’ ability to order his meal. Why so pressed about other people getting the chance to order their own food or get a job?

And that’s pretty much how Burger King Indonesia felt too.

They clapped right back at Lucas @chillisauceabc in their response:


Unfortunately in Indonesia and many other parts of the world, this sort of attitude is sadly very common. In the United States it took passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) for people to have equal access to work, school, housing and other essentials of daily life.

As The Independent reported:

“…a study carried out by the University of Indonesia discovered those with disabilities in the country only have a 64.9 percent chance of getting a job.”

So good on Burger King for making a concerted effort to buck that trend.

As for the rest of Twitter, they fell into two camps:

Those who were firmly Team Burger King and just wanted to thank the restaurant chain…

…and those who were absolutely not having Lucas’ bull.

So what did we learn today?

Two things: not being insensitive to the disabled is easy and being quiet is absolutely free.

Write that down!

Academy award winning actress Marlee Matlin’s book I’ll Scream Later is available here. Matlin has made a career in Hollywood starring in films, TV shows and even competed on Dancing With the Stars as the first deaf contestant. While Matlin didn’t win, she paved the way for model and actor Nyle DiMarco to win the mirror ball.

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