Video Of Female Trump Supporters Enthusiastically Chanting ‘Trump!’ Is Getting Appropriately Roasted

Brace yourselves, folks. You’re about to witness a video that is peak-level awkward to watch.

Belgium-based writer and Hashtag Roundup host, Nico, shared a video taken at a Women For Trump meeting. The video shows the women waving signs around and chanting Trump’s name repeatedly.

That’s awkward and uncomfortable enough, but this is one of those videos that just gets worse the longer you look at it. There’s just so much going on.

First, there’s the noticeable … um … “homogeneous nature” of the crowd. They’re pretty much all middle aged/older white women.

If you squint really hard there does appear to be one older woman of color towards the back of the room and there is one younger-looking woman towards the front. It’s like if someone brought a Trump demographic popularity chart to life.

The lack of diversity is something you want to find shocking but just… don’t.

Next, there’s the total lack of genuine enthusiasm. Chanting in general is a little odd, but it happens at almost all rallies in some way or another.

We’ve just never heard less enthusiastic “woo”s before.

We’re going to be honest … the whole thing is a little Stepford Wives-esque. Combine that with the fact that Trump has a terrible record when it comes to actually working for women’s interests and you get total Twitter roast-fest fodder.

Like so:

Twitter absolutely went in on these Women For Trump.

Overall, people seem pretty convinced that this video is at least an 8 out of 10 on the cringe scale.

The Ira Levin classic novel The Stepford Wives is available here.


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