Dad Gets Dragged Online After Refusing To Walk His Daughter Down The Aisle Alongside Her Stepfather

You know that thing where a person is being completely ridiculous, but genuinely thinks they’re in the right?

In their mind they’re 100% justified.

And then they pose the situation to others expecting back-up.

And are sincerely shocked when instead, everyone is like:


Well, that’s pretty much exactly what happened when a gent going by the username anonymous15000 posted his situation to Reddit’s section devoted to these sorts of issues, AITA (Am I The A$$hole?).

It’s, uh… kind of a doozy! 

AITA for telling my daughter [26F] that I [55M] will not walk down the aisle with her stepdad [50M]. from AmItheAsshole


Hoo boy YIKES.

So in summary… ol’ dude is mad that his daughter, who was an actual child, connected with the man who raised her because her father was mostly absent on account of having to work the completely-average-for-America 50 hours a week.

Many people nowadays would KILL for such a light schedule, but whatever.

And now, after all that history, he’s retaliating by being absent yet again, refusing to attend her wedding…


Yeah no, you’re DEFINITELY the a$$hole, sir. We’re done here!

And his fellow Redditors heartily agreed, giving him pretty much exactly the answers he probably didn’t want.

YTA [You’re The As*hole] – It’s HER day and you’re already ruining sh*t. —Demoncratic666

He’s TA for more than that, it sounds like all he’s done is try to manipulate his daughter and ruin her relationship with her stepdad. —mankytoes

…this guy should be happy that the step-father was awesome enough for your daughter to be considered like a second dad for her, especially when bio-dad can’t be there because of work commitments. Plenty of kids in divorced situations end up with shitty step parents who don’t care for the kids. —cptcornlog

“… ‘Boo hoo my wife remarried younger to someone who had more time for my daughter than I did. I work a whole whopping 50 hours a week, I just don’t have time for my kid’.”

“Guilting your own kid for having a close relationship with the man who chose to be a father. That’s low.” —OnlyCheese

“Yes, the post of OP is basically just me, me, me, I, I ,I. It sounds like he considers himself the most important part of the wedding. Very immature. —Mcwedlav

Agreed. His daughter is blessed to have both him and her stepdad in her life. How many women don’t even have one man to ask this? And she has two which should be a beautiful thing instead it’s being received as an insult. —bunnymeee

But even after all that dressing down, anonymous150000 STILL didn’t seem to get it.

He started replying in his own defense, and you can probably guess how well that went….

Defense #1: He should get what he wants because he’s paying for half the wedding.

“I’m paying for half of the wedding, she and her fiance’s parents are paying for the other half, her mom and stepdad aren’t contributing anything.”

The other Redditors, of course, weren’t having this.

That’s a really healthy way of looking at things. I bet you’re the kind of person who knows the price of everything but the value of nothing. —yatsey

Defense #2: Biology is what fatherhood is, not actually, you know, fathering.

“In my opinion if the bio father is involved it should only be him to do the father daughter stuff, I’m half of the reason why she’s even living right now, her stepdad can’t say that.”

And, well…

“Hey you owe me, I came in your mom. WITHOUT a condom young lady!” —throwawayjojodunk

Hard to argue with that!

People got so exasperated with this guy that the replies quickly became short, sweet and plain old vicious.

At least she has 1 dad who isnt a bitter, petty a*shole still after 20 years. —FartingBob

“Ya you can walk your 50 hr/week job down the aisle instead” —Billyian

No wonder his wife left him. —choosy_moms

Yowch! But…


Sometimes the truth hurts.

If you have to ask if you’re the a$$hole, you should probably accept it when people tell you you’re the a$$hole.

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