Laura Ingraham’s Bizarre ‘Pajama Boy’ Rant About Men’s Fashion Has The Internet Completely Puzzled

Must’ve been a slow news day at good ol’ FoxNews on Wednesday…

Laura Ingraham has gone on yet another long-winded rant about the so-called (also, non-existent) “war on men” in contemporary America. The weapon of war this time?

Fashion, or something. It’s honestly hard to tell.

Mostly it was the same rhetoric as always, but there was one bit that had people scratching their heads:

“For years, Hollywood’s been pushing the skinny jeans crop-top pajama boy version of masculinity on us, we’ve gotten kind of used to it.”

us GIF

What in the name of heaven and all the planets is a “pajama boy”‽‽

That’s not a thing! 

Are men wearing pajamas to work now or something? Or is it the entire idea of pajamas that supposedly makes you a weak little ladyboy?

Do rough-and-tough Republican men—you know the kind who carry assault rifles in farmer’s markets and the like—only sleep naked because jammies are for commies or something‽‽

gillian jacobs love GIF by NETFLIX

Also… who and where are these men out here wearing crop-tops‽

Pretty sure the last men Hollywood gave us in crop-tops were Bill & Ted back in 1989.

Image result for bill & ted's excellent adventure gif

Here, let’s watch Ingraham’s entire opus and see if it makes more sense:

Oh whoops… nope!

Still total nonsense.

Jennie Garth No GIF by What Just Happened??!

For good measure though, Ingraham also saved time to completely misrepresent the American Psychological Association’s 2018 “Guidelines for Psychological Practice for Boys and Men” as having “trashed traditional masculinity,” whatever that is, and also to crow about Gillette’s anti-bullying ad—from NINE WHOLE ENTIRE MONTHS AGO (that’s 57 million years in internet time).

So at least it wasn’t entirely nonsensical.

Anyway, as you might guess, Ingraham’s bizarre deep dive into the elusive American “Pajama Boy” had the internet like “LOLWUT.”

Though some seemed ready to embrace their new identity as a crop-top pajama boy.

And others were definitely ready for Hollywood’s new trend of skinny jeans crop-top pajama boys, whenever it may begin. 

Long live the Pajama Boys!

Pajama Boy 2020!

The book Reigning Men: Fashion In Menswear, 1715–2015 is available here.

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