New ‘Sexy Mr. Rogers’ Halloween Costume For Sale Is Here To Ruin Your Childhood

There are few figures in this world that are as universally beloved and pure as Fred Rogers, host of the long-running children’s show Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood.

The iconic image of Fred Rogers taking off his shoes and putting on his cardigan has lived with many children well into their adulthood. This Halloween, however, many young people will experience something absolutely no one was expecting:

A sexy Mr. Rogers costume.

Most people on Twitter were quick to point out there was already such a costume.

Of course, other options were available. 

The arrival of Sexy Mr. Rogers here on Earth can’t be a good sign for humanity.

Many wished they could forget the image as soon as it had arrived on their social media feeds.

The costume reminded some people of other memorable outfits.

Twitter begged for the costume to disappear.

This Halloween, something unfathomably terrible will be released among us…

The costume is being sold by Yandy (the same people who produced the sexy Handmaid’s Tale costume from 2018) for $59.95.

But that’s not all! For an extra $12.95, you can also wear a sexy grey wig, fake eyebrows, and two fun Mr. Rogers style puppets.

Please, if you’re considering going to a party as sexy Mr. Rogers this year, take a long moment, look at your life, and try to figure out where you went wrong.

You won’t regret it.

Nothing beats the original. The documentary Won’t You Be My Neighbor? is available here.


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