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Hollywood Sounds Off After The Academy Announces That Four Oscars Categories Will Be Awarded During Commercial Breaks

This year’s Academy Awards have provided no shortage of controversy, from the drama of the host pick to the long-rumored decision to exile several of the less-followed awards to the commercial breaks to save time. With just a couple weeks until the big day, the Academy decided to pull the trigger on the latter of … Continued

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A Trump-Loving Substitute Teacher Honestly Told A Class Of Young Kids That Martin Luther King Jr. Killed Himself

A Trump-supporting substitute teacher from Wake County, North Carolina, has become the center of an online controversy after allegedly telling a group of students in a music class that Martin Luther King Jr. committed suicide. Billy Byrd, the father of a student from the substitute’s Rand Road Elementary School class, related the entire story on Facebook as … Continued


Fans Are LOLing After Cardi B Thanks Tom Petty For Some Flowers Following Her Grammy Win Not Realizing He Died In 2017

Guys, Cardi B was really, really excited about her Grammy win – and with good reason! It was her very first win and she’s only the 2nd woman in Grammy history to win the best rap album award. Cardi is known for being enthusiastic and “extra” so nobody was really surprised at her emotional reaction … Continued


White Undercover Cops In Louisiana Honestly Used Blackface In 1993 To Try To Bust Drug Buyers, Pictures Reveal

People can’t expect to get away with donning blackface. If there are photos, there will be consequences, because blackface is NEVER OKAY. Governor of Virginia Ralph Northam and Florida Secretary of State Michael Ertel have taken a beating for doing it when they were old enough to know better. Now, the Baton Rouge Police Department came … Continued


Katy Perry Removes Shoes From Her Fashion Line After Criticism That They Resemble Blackface

Another day, another blackface controversy in the literally weirdest Black History Month ever. This time, via pop star Katy Perry. Blackface, for the unfamiliar, is the tradition of white people using makeup to darken their skin and exaggerate their lips and eyes to mock Black people, with origins in slavery and segregation-era minstrel shows. (You … Continued


Offset Celebrated Cardi B’s Grammy Win By Sharing A Video Of Her Literally Giving Birth

Hip-hop royalty Cardi B and Offset are known for sharing every detail of their rocky romance on social media. But Cardi’s baby-daddy recently posted clips of their first child’s birth, drawing surprise and ridicule online. Offset, a longtime member of rap trio Migos, shared the brief montage to promote his upcoming solo album. The video … Continued

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Someone Created An Actual Button You Can Push To Let Your Partner Know You’re Horny

This is a PEAK 2019 mood. A button called LoveSync, which is currently in the middle of raising money via Kickstarter, is looking to serve couples who would like to communicate about how horny they are. — Parker Molloy (@ParkerMolloy) February 11, 2019 “Our goal in creating the LoveSync Button was to not only … Continued

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MAGA Hat-Wearing Trump Supporter Assaults BBC Cameraman And Hurls Insults At Media In The Middle Of Trump Rally

Donald Trump continues to inspire and subtly condone violence among his supporters. Across the country, Trump supporters have been engaging in violent behavior at his rallies, and has effectively transformed the Republican Party into a party of angry, violent people: The Republican Party is the party of @realDonaldTrump We are now a party that fights … Continued

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West Virginia Lawmaker Faces Backlash After Comparing LGBTQ People To The KKK

A blind West Virginia Republican Delegate by the name of Eric Porterfield has enraged his constituents after comparing the LGBTQ community to the KKK. On Friday, Porterfield told a reporter, “The LGBTQ is a modern-day version of the Ku Klux Klan, without wearing hoods with their antics of hate.” On Wednesday the born-again Baptist missionary … Continued

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A Fox News Host Just Admitted That He Hasn’t Washed His Hands In A Decade For The Most Idiotic Reason

Fox News is known for their sensationalistic and biased reporting, and the conservative news program never comes clean when critics call them out on unsubstantiated information. But one Fox contributor came clean about one thing. During Sunday’s segment of Fox & Friends, Pete Hegseth admitted to something so unclean the internet collectively winced about it. … Continued

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Chris Evans Laid A Smackdown On Trump After He Tried To Discredit Global Warming In A Tweet About Sen. Amy Klobuchar

On Sunday, Senator Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) announced she intends to challenge President Donald Trump in 2020, a declaration she made in the middle of heavy snowfall. To be fair to Klobuchar, she represents Minnesota, which is one of the snowiest states in the nation and is rather well known for its harsh, uncompromising winters. President … Continued