Maisie Williams Asked Twitter For Their Best ‘Game Of Thrones’ Memes—And Twitter Was Like ‘Hold My Beer’

At this point, it’s pretty much universally true that the only good thing about the internet is memes. (Well, that and animal videos.) They’ve become our lifeblood, the thing that allows us to stare into the abyss our world has begun and be like “LOL SCREAMING SKSKSKSKS!” instead of, you know, just actually screaming. And it … Continued

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This Viral Photo Of An Actual Alligator Chilling On An Inflatable Alligator In Someone’s Pool Is So Florida It Hurts

Florida Man strikes again. Or is it Florida Alligator? Basically, I think if Florida could be summed up in one phrase, it would be: “Hold my beer!” In a truly bizarre event that could only be described as peak Florida, a Georgia family vacationing in South Miami looked out the window of their Airbnb to … Continued


The Internet Is Officially Obsessed With This Preakness Horse Who Bucked Off His Jockey And Ran The Race Without Him

A runaway horse at The Preakness totally stole the internet’s heart after sassily bucking off his jockey. The three-year-old racehorse, Bodexpress, and rider John Velazquez started the race awkwardly, with the horse suddenly jumping sideways once the gates opened. Velazquez wasn’t injured in the fall, but Bodexpress sprinted away, clearly determined to run Preakness alone. … Continued


Leslie Jones Hit It Out Of The Park With Her Take On The Alabama Abortion Ban On ‘SNL’

In response to Alabama’s recently-passed abortion ban, Leslie Jones appeared on Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update to deliver a message many people found both incredibly hilarious and moving. Jones’s speech is exactly what we needed right now. Watch her hot take here. Any line from the short monologue made for a great soundbite. “Why do … Continued

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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Brutally Savages Big Pharma CEO Over Overpriced HIV Medication

New York Democratic Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tore into the CEO of Gilead pharmaceutical company for overcharging on a drug designed to reduce the risk of HIV transmission. Truvada for PrEP is a fixed-dose combination of antiretroviral medications: tenofovir disoproxil and emtricitabine used to treat and prevent HIV/AIDS when taken daily. But not everyone can afford … Continued


Emily Ratajkowski Speaks Out Against Alabama’s Anti-Abortion Law With Completely Nude Instagram Post

Emily Ratajkowski posed in the nude to speak out against the near-total ban of abortions that was signed on Wednesday by Alabama’s Governor Kay Ivey. House Bill 314, also known as the “Human Life Protection Act,” bars doctors in the state from performing the procedure on pregnant women, including for victims of rape and incest. … Continued


Jason Bateman Says He Will Boycott States Like Alabama and Georgia If ‘Heartbeat’ Bills Become Law

Jason Bateman is a champion for womens’ rights. The 50-year-old Ozark actor, perhaps best known for starring with the stellar cast in Arrested Development, made his stance very clear when he said he would refuse to work in states that would institute the controversial “heartbeat” bills. The anti-abortion legislation bars doctors from performing abortions on … Continued

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Josh Gad Just Brilliantly Dragged ‘Game Of Thrones’ Fans Petitioning For A Remake Of Season 8

Comedian Josh Gad wants Game of Thrones fans to redirect their outrage towards a more worthy cause. Gad totally roasted GoT fans for whining about the show’s script, suggesting they spend that energy to fight Alabama’s appalling anti-abortion law. His viral tweet urges people to “write officials to tell them to stop forcing women to have … Continued

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Vita Coco’s Social Media Person Just Hilariously Called A Writer’s Bluff After He Exclaimed His Disgust For Coconut Water

Twitter user and egg restaurant-owner @TonyPosnanski didn’t know when he tweeted out his unpopular opinions that he was about to get into an online feud with Vita Coco coconut water, but that’s exactly how most coconut water feuds begin. Time for another “unpopular opinions” post… – Candy Corn is absolute trash – The US version … Continued

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Attempting To Name Every Democrat Running For President In 2020 Has Taken On A Meme Life Of Its Own

There are 22 Democrats on the ticket for the upcoming 2020 primaries. Do you think you can name all 22 potential candidates? @MorganJerkins challenges you: Can YOU name all 22 democrats running for President? — Morgan Jerkins (@MorganJerkins) May 14, 2019 And so of course people couldn’t resist the chance to yuck around. For example, … Continued