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Burger King Claps Back After Troll Tries To Shame Them For Hiring Deaf Person

A customer, who goes by “Lucas @chillisauceabc” on Twitter, snapped a photo of a poster detailing a new accommodation deployed at Burger Kings in Indonesia. The poster announces using picture menus. Such things would accommodate non-verbal, verbally impaired and hearing impaired customers and employees. Surely the customer wished to applaud this move by the fast … Continued

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Brazilian Paper Puts Gay Marvel Kiss On Front Page After Conservative Rio Mayor Tries To Ban Comic

Well, we regret to inform you that the Evangelicals are at it yet again. But this time they got epically trolled! For this heart-warming tale, let us venture alllllll the way down to Brazil, specifically the city of Rio de Janeiro. See, their mayor is a Jesus enthusiast, and as such is HEAVILY INVESTED in what … Continued

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Bullied Kid’s Homemade T-Shirt Gets Turned Into Official University Of Tennessee Merchandise

One simple act of kindness can really make the difference in somebody’s life. Laura Snyder, a Florida elementary school teacher, shared the story of what happened when one of her 4th grade students wore a homemade t-shirt to show his support for the University Of Tennessee on the elementary school’s “College Color Day.” 9/6/19 – … Continued

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Maid Of Honor Explains Why She Opted To Wear An Inflatable T-Rex Costume For Her Sister’s Wedding

It’s rare that a maid of honor’s outfit is so unforgettable that the entire wedding goes viral online. But Christina Meador’s outfit was something truly special. On Saturday, August 10, she posted a photo of her sister’s wedding on Facebook. You may be able to notice her in the below picture—she’s standing just to the … Continued

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Couple Goes Viral With Their Corny ’80s-Inspired Engagement Photos From JCPenney

Have you ever wanted to White people harder than you’ve ever White peopled before? Well Madison Moxley and her fiancé Mason Whitis are achieving your dreams, one step back into fashion past at a time. Take a look here. No, this is not from the 1980s. This is now and it was deliberate. “This is … Continued

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Guy Gives His All While Dancing For Kids To Beyoncé’s ‘Crazy In Love’ In Viral Video

If you have kids you need to fire all of your babysitters, because there is no way they are bringing this level of energy. Meet Brandon Fries. He works at the Sandusky, Ohio branch of Great Wolf Lodge, a chain of waterpark resorts aimed at families and kids. The Sandusky location has everything from an … Continued


Serena Williams’ Husband Throws Shade At Maria Sharapova By Wearing D.A.R.E. Shirt To Their Match

Men of the world, if you’re looking for a master class in how to be a supportive–and deeply, deeply shady–partner, here it is. Serena Williams‘s spouse (oh and also Reddit founder, but can we all agree the former is the bigger accomplishment?) Alexis Ohanian has set the internet on fire for the way he chose … Continued


Ryan Reynolds Trolls Blake Lively On Her Birthday By Sharing Unflattering Pictures Of Her On Instagram

Stars: they’re just like us! Including trolling each other on their birthdays. That is, if they’re Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively, at least. They’ve developed a sort of tradition of trolling each other on Instagram on their birthdays. Such as this unflattering shot of Blake on the set of a movie that Ryan captioned “#nofilter.” … Continued


Clever Mom Throws A Job Fair For Her Kids When They Ask For More Allowance

Teaching kids the value of a dollar is no small task. Indeed, some kids never learn the concept, such as every roommate I ever had! But that is a whole other article. Anyway! It’s tough to convey to children how money works when they don’t have any actual real-life responsibilities, right? My mom would get … Continued