These Two Guys Pulled Off An Epic Prank At McDonald’s—And It Was For An Important Reason

Two friends just pulled the best prank on McDonald’s—and it’s not only well executed and funny, it has a point (unlike most pranks).

Twenty-year-old student Jevh Maravilla and his friend Christian were eating in a McDonald’s when they noticed one of the walls was blank. Noticing that none of the photos on the other walls had any Asians portrayed in them, they joked that they should take a photo of themselves and put it up in the blank spot.

But this was one instance when a funny flight of fancy became reality (after a little hard work and a $7 McDonald’s shirt).

On Monday, Maravilla tweeted out pics of the faked photo.

Check it out:

Maravilla posted a video in August explaining how he and his friend pulled off the prank and why they felt it was important.

In the video he said:

If you haven’t noticed, there isn’t a lot of Asians represented in media. And hopefully one day I could see someone like me on the big screen. So one day, my bud Christian and I were eating at McDonald’s, munching on some snack wraps. I look up and I see a blank wall and I tell Christian, ‘Hey, what if we put a picture of us on there? Look around, there are literally no Asians in any of these walls. Maybe we can change that.’

Here’s the full clip via YouTube:

Commenters loved the prank:

A lot of commenters thought they should be able to parlay the stunt into a career (or at least be compensated for their effort):

This Twitter user wanted to know how they pulled off hanging the picture:

Maravilla concludes the video by saying:

To this day, I can say that the poster has been up since, and I really hope they never take it down. Remember, folks: all races deserve recognition. And I guess I did my part.

According to USA Today McDonald’s has not yet responded to a request for a statement but Maravilla and Toldeo have high hopes for a positive response:

I kind of hope they will ask us to be representative models for them. Like, for Asian men. That would be insane if they did that! It would be, like, a dream come true.

H/T: Mashable, Twitter