Woman Tricked Her Bullies Into Silence As A Kid In The Most Clever Way 🙌

A woman tweeted about how she put an end to being bullied when she was in elementary school—and Twitter users loved it.

Nobody loves a bully. Every day kids (and their parents) come up with a myriad of tactics to confront, thwart, and circumnavigate their mean and often relentless behavior. While some methods are straightforward (a pop to the nose), others take a more covert approach.

In this case, the bullies didn’t even know what hit them.

On Monday, Tina, a Vietnamese Marxist according to her Twitter profile, told the story of how she ingeniously stopped the bullies in their tracks.

Here it is:

Twitter users were taken with Tina’s royal lie:

As it turns out, Tina was not alone in her method:

One commenter was angered for Tina:

Others shared their own stories:

Is your child being bullied? This piece from Parents Magazine discusses how bullying has trickled down to even the youngest grades and offers tactics for making your kid “bully-proof.”

H/T: Twitter, Parents