Lone Female In Fantasy Football League Creates Hilarious Introductory Video To End All Videos ????

For many football fans, watching the game is only half the fun.

A huge thrill for those invested in the sport lies in fantasy football. Fans draft specific players from an array of NFL teams and earn points based on each player’s performance, gradually getting knocked out of the running until one champion remains.

While fantasy football—and football itself—are too often perceived as a “boys’ club,” Reddit user Bell Cooper is making steps to change that, starting with one of the best hype videos of all time.

Not only does the video feature a badass cover of “Survivor” by Destiny’s Child, but the beginning shots set up an expectation that Cooper is all too excited to defy.

Reddit users considered it a touchdown:

Uh.. listen so, we all voted and you’re league president now.


Really? The plumber’s crack, the overemphasizing boob zoom, the heels, the text, whole thing was just really well done and funny. Are the other videos similarly produced/edited? And I’m just disappointed that I can’t spin a football as effectively even without long nails.


That padding comment Brilliant!


I legit had goosebumps. Get em girl.


News of the video spread to Twitter as well:

And, as it turns out, NormalBellCurve is far from the only girl who’s the only girl in her league. In fact, women everywhere have long been ruling at a game too many think is for the boys.

So best of luck, Bell, and thanks for reminding us that women kicking ass has never been a fantasy.

H/T: Reddit, Youtube